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Installing DynC Windows Client


Installing DynC Windows Client

Step 1

Download dynC-setup.exe from the Download Page.

Step 2 - Install Setup

Right click on "dynC-setup.exe" and click "Run as Administrator". You must have Administrator rights on your PC in order to use the auto installer. If you need to install DynC without admin rights, it can be done by manual methods. See the artical "Installing DynC Manually".

Install DynC Step 0

You may get a notice from Windows Defender warning about installing an unrecognized app. This is due to the fact that, being free and open source, we cannot afford to pay the money to Microsoft for an MSDN account! So, if you trust us (I hope), click "More info".

Install DynC Step 1

On the next screen, click "Run Anyway".

DynC Setup Step 2

Step 2 - Configure DynC

Once the setup process completes, the initial setup screen should come up. On this screen, enter your username (or email address) and password.

DynC Setup Step 3

Once you've been authenticated, a list of your configured hosts should show up on a numbered list. Choose which host you would like to use with this installation of DynC by entering it's number from the list.

DynC Setup Step 4

DynC will then connect to the server, update your host with your current IP, and if successful, offer you write out your configuration to a file and exit. Press "Y" and then press enter.


DynC is now installed and configured to automatically update your hostname when your computer's IP address changes.

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